Friday, October 8, 2010

Super group, Super News.

One band with the best members is good, but a super group with 2 members plus two other good ones with the potential to create some music goodness is even better. To put the cherry on top, another member released an album this week. What band could I he talking about? Sleater Kinney.

Ok, so I was looking at pitchfork this morning because I wanted to get my daily laugh in (yeah, I don't really trust pitchfork) and bam! And I seen this link and I was like "Oh man. Oh man. Oh man... When is the album coming out, and when are they touring!" Let me break it down for you in an equation (I know I suck at math, but here it goes..) Two Ex-Sleater Kinney Members+ Mary Timony+ The Minders= Something, poppy, something synth, but totally excellent. Heck, at this point I don't even care what it sounds like, I'll buy it, listen to it, and blog about it so the whole world could know if it is worth it or not (don't call me unqualified to talk about music. When I bleed, a song starts to play.)

Now go read that article, I have Friday Five to work on. (Yes, it will be great.)

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