Saturday, April 28, 2012

Late Night Friday, Early Saturday Friday Five!

I had a party to go to earlier tonight, so I decided to go to that. Now that I had three cans of soda, I'm awake and ready to blog. So here you are, a late night Friday, early Saturday Friday Five.

St. Vincent - Surgeon (4AD Session). This is a crazy video. Look at her play the guitar riff at 3:16 - 3:31! I can't even play that! I should probably practice more than I do now.

St. Vincent covers Big Black at the Bowery Ballroom, 5-22-11. This is an awesome Big Black Cover. I never thought that she would do a Big Black Cover. it just felt out of the norm, but the plays it with just the right intensity.

Warpaint - Beetles. This is one of the better versions of Beetles that I've heard. It holds true to the original/album version, but this version just has an extra element that makes it sound amazing. Wait for the transition at 6:25!!

Warpaint - Elephants If you thought that the last video was good, watch this version of Elephants. It might be my favorite version. Everything sounds super accurate, and smooth, so it adds to the dimensions of the song. It is almost nine minutes, but every minute is worth it. Wait for the "ending" part at around 7 minutes.

Sonic Youth - Total Trash (1993/07/04). Today is Kim Gordon's birthday! Happy Birthday Kim!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The return of the Saturday six!

The busy part of my year is starting to end, so you know what that means! The Friday Five will be back along with my reviews! I have been saying that for a while, but I seriously have about five album reviews to finish and upload. Speaking of upload, I was going to upload this edition of the Friday Five yesterday night, but the embed code isn't working on my videos (I'm still working on it, but I can fix it soon. Anyway, enjoy!

St Vincent - Cruel. I love this song, and this video. Well, I like all of St. Vincents videos anyway, they capture the spirit of the song quite well.

Nite Jewel - Natural Causes. I like this "retro revival sound". I've been hearing it a lot recently. I just hope it doesn't grow out of control. This is a pretty good track, but it ends very abruptly (almost too abruptly for my taste).
Blouse - They Always Fly Away. Here is an example of " retro shoegaze revival" (in case you can't tell, I totally just made that up). But on a serious note, I really enjoy listening to Blouse.

Warpaint - Warpaint. This one is acoustic! Nifty!

Extra! Warpaint - Undertow. Here is another acoustic one. Oooh, they changed up the guitar riff a little.

And Finally, Classic Sleater Kinney! Check this out! Twenty Four Minutes of Sleater Kinney and Helium!