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All ages vs. Age restricted shows.

I've been to some shows in my time, and I've tasted both types of shows: all ages, and age restricted shows. Each has benefits and drawbacks, so I'm going to compare them and tell you what I prefer.

All Ages shows.
  1. Smaller
  2. And by small I'm talking 100 people or less. Most of the time, the maximum amount of people depends on where the concert is, and how full they want it to be. My friend was paying in their basement once and I'm sure we got 45 people in there in the open part.
  3. Everyone gets in
  4. Well, most people get in if they didn't punch some random dude in the face before the show. Sometimes the people running the concert will kick you out if you didn't pay or don't have a "smiley face" sticker on your hand. The line to pay isn't long or anything like that unless the venue doesn't have a good entrance!
  5. Mostly local.
    When you go to the same venues every week or so, you start to see the same people quite often. That is awesome because normally when that happens, you can talk about the bands you seen last week, or the latest music developments.
  6. Bands really care about what they do.
    I just showed up for this concert once (I guess they didn't care if I got in for free) and I sat on this really comfortable couch and I just started to talk about these people about this "air conditioner that got blown out" and how "the box fans they brought were not that great".  Anyway, that lasted for like 15 minutes and then they "were going to start now". That was pretty awesome. When do you get to sit on a couch with a band talking about box fans in the middle of summer?
  7. Cheap!
    What can you do with 5-15 dollars? Why not go see a band at an all ages show? Yeah sure, if you want to get drunk or whatever, just do it outside and take advantage of the low, low, price of 10 dollars. Come on, what else can you do with 5 dollars?
  8. Best places ever.
    Churches (the cool ones, not the stuffy religious ones), basements, parks, record stores,birthday parties, pools, skateparks, someones garage,community centers, concert halls, are some of the places that I've seen bands play. It might sound outlandish, but each place has its own flavor that makes it great. I don't know what makes it fun, but you just have to experience skateboarding and listening to a killer band all at once.
  9. Free food!
    If you know me, you know that I love food (not to eat, but to love food).  The thing that makes food better is the 4 letter word "Free". Sometimes the band orders food, or sometimes the venue does to just make the gig cooler. Either way, you can't miss out on the free food at these things. No, I'm not talking about water and saltines, I'm talking about pizza and soda, Nachos, ice cream, candy, everything in the fun food group.
  10. Free stuff.
    Most stuff at shows is free if you ask the band for it, and also saying that you know the band too! Sometimes veneers will be outside or in the lobby if the band is doing a sound check or whatnot. You know my  saying "Take it if it's free". Because everyone goes to all ages shows, everyone brings stuff to share. I've gotten CD's. Stickers, Cassette tapes (haha), posters, zines and even guitar picks. All ages shows are like a "grab bag" of awesomeness.
  11. Lots of room (sometimes)
    All ages shows can have lots of room, or not a lot of room at all! If the venue has space for 100, but 150 people are standing outside the door, you are not going to have a lot of room at all. People will be on you like glue, and by the time the concert is over, you will have 6 new best friends! If you are going to a smaller show, you won't have as many friends, but you will at least, have some breathing room to do whatever crazy dance that you want to.
  12. More fun
    All ages shows are like a party. These things can get pretty crazy too. My friend went to this one concert where people were kicking around beach balls and throwing around party streamers. Doesn't that sound fun?
  13. Can last forever.
    At an all age local show, don't pay attention to the set times. I went to a gig thinking that it would end at 3 in the afternoon, but instead it ended at 7. Who cares though, the more music the better.  I've noticed that at the local shows and at the all ages ones, the bands really bring out the action and the energy. That is what I love about the all ages shows. You don't know what you are going to get, but you do know that it is going to be lively and full of passion.
Age restricted Shows.
  1.  Really Large.
    Most of the time, all ages shows are in the small places like I described earlier. Age restricted shows are in the larger venues, but they can be in the smaller ones (that is quite rare). When I say larger venues, I'm talking about city block wide concert places with standing room only. The largest show that I've been too was at least 600 - 1,000+ people. If it is a stand - up concert, then I must tell you to get there early, and to thrash around while dancing (we don't want someones eye knocked out!)
  2. Crowd varies.
    The smaller shows are usually you and your friends, the bands friends and some random people. For a crowd, that is nice. Age restricted shows bring out just about everyone. At one show, I litteraly seen a Geek with a Star Wars shirt on, a (kind of friendly looking) Skinhead, an Old punk rocker dude with his decked out jacket, and some guy in a business suit.  If you want to talk to people who are like you, then you will find those people if you walk though half the crowd and almost knock some random dudes 8 dollar beer over.
  3. Age makes it stale sometimes.
    Because it is age restricted, then you are going to have those people there (those 18 and over etc..). I really don't like the age restricted ones because do you wan't to hang out with people your age and older? Well, even if you do, you have to say that there are some really awesome young people around these days doing some really awesome stuff.
  4. Bands can care about what they do. (depends)
    Age restricted shows can have some of the best bands that give it their all and put on a really good concert or, age restraicted shows can have some of the worst band ever who don't really do too much on stage. Most of the time the band that you payed for will give you a good show, but if it just so happens, the band that you see sucks so much that you just want to leave (that happens when you just hear about a band and show up at a gig 15 minuntes before a show).  This is why I say that the bands who play age restricted shows care about what they do sometimes. It just really depends who is playing that night/day and if they can put down a good show.
  5. Not so cheep
    Be armed with money if you are going to age restricted show. Here is an example of what I payed for an age restricted show:

    Tickets: 23$
    Bottle of Water (Couldn't take any in. I guess I could have suck some in...) 7$
    T-shirt: 10$
    Total: 40$

    That is a lot of  money! Do you know what I could have bought with that?
  6. Not the best places ever. Mostly large venues.
    Going back to the venue thing. The venues could be super good, or supper lame. Most of the time it is super lame. I went to a show on the hotest day of the year (The same day I got my sweater) and I realised that this this concert hall did not have any air conditioning! I got lucky though because I met my friend there and they brought some water. I got lucky this time. Just keep keep in mind that lots of people in one space give off more heat then people who are spread out in a small space.  In summer, bring water and a jacket. In winter, bring a hoodie. It gets warmer in winter with more people in a gig, so don't bring a parka.
  7. BYOF (Bring Your Own Food)
    No freebies in these age resticted gigs.  Check a head of time to see if you can bring someting to eat. We don't want you boozing up on an empty stomach. Even better, try to find someplace to eat before the gig so you don't pass out or anything.
  8. No Freebies!
    You can't go to the vender and ask "Hey can I get one of those stickers?"  at an age restricted show. There isn't too much free stuff in the world of the age restriced shows. You might get lucky when an indie band leaves some stuff in a bucket labeled "free stuff".
  9. Not a lot of room (really true when its ga. Sucks when you are late!)
    If the age restricted gig you are going to is general admition (ie, pick a spot to stand and stay there for the whole night long) try not to dance around, and try not to talk through the whole show. This is ok to do if the song is high engergy, and the band is known for dancable music.  I know it is hard not to reist danceing at a show  (espally if you are like me and pogo to everything). If you must dance, try not ot hit anyone.
  10. Better when you bring people. (kinda fun)
    I guess that it is better when you bring people to any gig, but when you go to a age restricted show, chances are you might not meet new people. That is why it is better to bring a friend (or 3) with you when you go to a show. Just remember the three golden rules:
    • Don't talk throughout the show
    • Don't get too drunk (I don't want someone passed out next to me!)
    • Have Fun!
  11. Time Varies
    As a matter of fact, all gigs could last long. But I've noticed that the age resticted shows that I go to last a really long time (it might just be because we are all old enought to stay up past our bedtime). I've also seen that age restricted shows have the most encores. They just keep going and going and going...I guess the more you get, the better it is.
What I like better.
I just want to say that age restricted shows are age restricted shows for the stupidest reasons.  For example, a band can get their shows bumped to 21+ because they drop the "F bomb" more than 2 times. That is why I prefer all ages shows to the age restricted ones. More freedom, more fun, more free stuff

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