Monday, September 10, 2012

Twin Sister - Color Your Life Review

Twin Sister: Color Your Life. 

Color Your Life is a really simple. There are only six songs, and the total album length is around thirty minutes, but  it is packed with atmospheric sounds that keeps drawing you in.  I never expected that I would get into Twin Sister, but after a couple of listens, Color Your Life has been on repeat in my head, and on my stereo ever since then. 

The Other Side of Your Face:
This one starts off with quite a bit of white noise and then transforms into something else all together. It is as if the song is lifting to another world. The Other Side Of Your Face sets the tone for the rest of the album. The lyrical content is present, but on this song, it doesn’t really add on to the overall impression. However, the breathy vocals add another element to the song that draws more attention to the light guitars and other effects. Seven minutes goes by quickly and then moves quickly into the next song. 

Lady Daydream: 
Lady Daydream picks up where the last song left off. It is quicker, and the lyrics draw more attention in the song this time around. The light guitars and driving bass lines. Add to the song overall. However, it ends just as quickly as it begins because the next song quickly changes the attitude and mood.

Milk and Honey: 
This one starts off slower, but the vocals come in a little bit quicker. The bass line really adds another dimension to the song overall. By the way this song starts, you’d expect it to be slower, but it picks up quickly. This is the first Twin Sister song I heard and I couldn’t stop playing it. Everything just sounds great. Milk and Honey really hooks you in in is just addictive overall. I want to say that this song sounds like a mash up of The Slits, The Raincoats, and any type of shoegaze. But it is great whatever it happens to sound like. 

All Around And Away We Go:
This one starts off quicker than Milk and Honey, but it keeps the tempo constant throughout the song. Lyric wise, they are great to listen to, but I can’t really find any substance in it. If I had to put this song in a category, I would put it into the “music I would dance to late at night” mix. The baseline is just really great, and it keeps you listening. 

Galaxy Plateau:
Galaxy Plateau is the atmospheric part of this album. It shows the most amount of range overall. I think that this was a good decision on Twin Sisters part because it really shows, how complex their songs can be. 

This is a nice song to end the album on. It is quick and simple, but at the same time it is just right. I can’t really say anything about how it caputres the end of the album because it just does, and that is what I like about it.

Twin Sister keeps things simple, and that is why I like this album so much. It is a little bit hard to find, but it is worth buying.