Friday, October 22, 2010

The Fantablous Friday Five!

Its Friday again! It's kind of cold here, but I'm still going to do the Friday Five that I always do. I picked the best songs that I found this week, and the ones that have been stuck in my head for the week too. I should be blogging more this week because I have it off, so keep checking back often. I'm planing to do some essays on All ages shows, what I buy at my next CD/Record buying trip and one more that I'm not going to tell you about yet :). Hope you enjoy.

Stick around, my Ari Up/Slits tribute is coming soon.

PJ Harvey & John Parish - April. I always pay this song when it is raining for some reason.  If you haven't picked up "A woman walked by" yet, go buy it this weekend. You won't  be disappointed, I know those PJ fans wont. Think of it as a hold-over album for the next PJ album.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Diamond Sea. This is one of the best, if not the best Sonic Youth covers I have heard, and you can trust me on this, I love my Sonic Youth. I honestly thought that it would be kind of bad like their cover of Hyperballad, but it wasn't! They did what good covers should do, re-work the song, but keep the spirit of the original.

Extra! Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Pin. This is from "Top of the Pops" and I like it. One of the better live ones I've seen (official video here. I like the animation). By the way, where did Karen's scarf go? (Or, if you want to see some security guards ruin the fun follow this link)

The Vandals - Anarchy Burger.  I wonder if an Anarchy Burger is like a veggie burger. (haha, bad joke)

Drive like Jehu- If it kills you. I love to sing/shout this when I'm mad, or even when I'm not mad. Crazy Bassline. Somewhat long 7:49, but you love good music right?

Drive Like Jehu- Do you compute. Its 9 minutes and 24 secongs, but that is why its an extra :)

Classic Sleater Kinney
- The Drama That You've Been Craving. This is from '97! Holy crap! That was a long time ago, but it feels like yesterday right? Add on +5 cool points for this being at CBGB's.

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