Friday, February 3, 2012

SnowFriday Five!

There is at least 8 inches of snow outside of my house, but it is not hindering me from posting this special SnowFriday edition of the Five! I really want to post more frequently, and I will, but I never have time to do anything on Friday evenings. Just wait a month or so, and I will go back to frequent postings of the Friday Five! Keep checking back here in order to see my new album reviews! Dunes - Tied Together. I love Dunes! Dunes contains members from Mika Miko, Finally Punk and Talbot Tagora. This video was filmed on an iPhone and contains some people from some famous bands. I want to hear more from Dunes, so please Dunes, release more stuff!
Bleached - Dazed. I also really like Bleached these days. I think I'm still not fully recovered from the Mika Miko break up from years past. I almost went to their concert when they were in Denver not too long ago, but I had something else to do. The moral of the story is, go see Bleached!
St. Vincent - Cruel (live). I'm also addicted to St.Vincent. Her music is like blissful amazingness. She also has some of the best guitar riffs.
(Hey! If you want to listen to more St.Vincent, listen to this 4AD session! It just premiered!
Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Heads Will Roll. I've heard (but can not confirm) that Yeah Yeah Yeah's will release a new album later this year. I hope that is true! Save us from Lana Del Rey! (PS, if you play this at a party that I'm at, I will dance. Trust me.)
Blouse - They Always Fly Away. I'm also listening to a lot of Blouse. They just released an LP not too long ago, so buy it when you can (I know I will).
Gauntlet Hair - Top Bunk. I have to rep the local scene once again! I was really close to seeing one of their shows once, but I forgot about it. (I had something to do, I always have something to do). It's fine though because they should be playing in town soonish.
That's all for now! I'll be back next week with another installment of the Friday Five!