Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day one

I thought that I would hate listening to Jeff Buckley, but something inside me has changed. I love his songs. They made me cry a little bit today, but I really enjoy his voice and I appreciate what he created. It’s too sad that he left us too soon. 

I haven’t broken up with anyone, but I feel like his songs are just prefect in my life right now. It feels like I need someone to hug, but there is no one to hug. But I really don’t care. 

I’ve been trying to listen to something else with my Jeff Buckley, but nothing is really equal right now. It just isn’t getting to that spot in my soul that Jeff Buckley’s music gets to. It’s soothing. When I listen to his music, it’s like I’m touching a place that I’ve hidden away from for a long time.

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