Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Answer me this...

What does a jet airplane, 4 iPhones, 2 X's, 35 pictures, a video or two and a pom-pom have to do with the best night of my life so far? You will find out in a matter of hours after I post my Sonic Youth concert review! I'm just going to say that this might take awhile because I need to get some sleep, finish this paper, and to sort out all of the crazy awesomeness that went on last night! Until I post, you can check out the latest Friday 5, my last concert review, or you can just check back later. If I don't post in the next 3 hours, you might want to check back later tonight at like 10ish or just hold your breath 'till tomorrow.  Just keep in mind that I have some crazy awesome stuff to post, and I'll make everything clear and detailed for easy reading.  See you soon?

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