Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How I found my tickets.

Crazy story: I checked the mail one day and I put it on my desk so i could read it later. On Saturday morning I got up and looked at this envelope and I thought "Oh I dont' need this anymore, I can just shread it." But before I did, I found this inside.

From The Sound Collection

I'm so glad I didn't trash this.

I've been keeping this a secret for the past week or so, but I do have tickets to the Sonic Youth show on Monday October 4th. If you thought that the small writing in last weeks Friday Five was kind of suspicious, then you were right. Yeah, you can guess that I will be writing a review, buying some stuff, and not getting my homework done (or I'll get it done early). I just seen the posting online and the gig is scheduled to be 3 whole hours. Not too bad, but  when Sonic Youth is playing a 3 hour gig, it really makes me wonder what the heck they are going to play.  Anyway, I'm super excited even though I have 5 more days to wait. Hey, time fly's when you are having fun or waiting for something this awesome.

This has been a long week, and despite me being tired, I will have an epic Friday Five this week for all of my awesome readers (no really, I value each and every one of my page views).  See you then.

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