Monday, September 6, 2010

Free show!

Yeah, so when one show closes, another show opens! Man am I happy to know that there is a free show this Saturday and it has a late start (at like 7 something). And I have no Debate duties to do (thank god!) so I'm down if I get done with my mandatory drivers ed practice and if I have the necessary energy drink!

Yeah, I know that I had to miss the other gig that I got invited to, but I talked to them and It was fine that I missed the gig. This time though I'm not going to miss this for anything. Yeah, I'll take my cell phone along so I can take some pictures, might do some mobile blogging and tweet my response. I might even video tape some of this gig post it on Youtube? It all just really depends.

So I'll try to make it though the week fine and I'll confirm to you guys if I'm going or not in this weeks "Friday Five". See you guys then.

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