Friday, September 3, 2010

Fridiay Five: The pissed off edition.

This week flat out sucked. So this Friday Five is all about getting all of the bad anger stuff out of my system. So here is five songs that I picked that I listen to when I'm quite angry. I suggest playing lound and screaming along with the lyrics.

Vivian Girls - No

Nirvana- In Bloom - Any Nirvana works when your mad.

L7 - S***list - I got to write one of these...

GBH - Knife Edge

Black Flag - My War

Extra! You seen it coming, A Sleater Kinney song..  Entertain. Please play it louder than a Large Jumbo Jet aircraft at take off.

I really want to find a good mosh pit right now... But these videos are the best substitute that I have right now =P

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