Friday, September 24, 2010

Dangerous Nonsense - Weapon of Choice Demo

Lots of things are dangerous. For example, bombs are dangerous, knives are dangerous, but Dangerous Nonsense shouldn't be considered dangerous. If you really wanted them to be, only say they are a dangerously awesome threat to the Denver music scene. To be honest, I'm getting tired of going to shows on the weekend and having to pick from "indie", "new wave revival", and some "trashy rockish sounding noise".  Now I'm not saying that "indie", "new wave revival" and "trashy rockish sounding noise" is bad in Denver, I'm just tired of hearing all the time here in town. So when I got my hands on the Weapon of Choice of demo, I was excited to know that Denver is safe from whatever this music is. The Dangerous Trio Composed of Shannon Webber (Vocals), Harmony Davies (Bassist), and Susan Miller (drummer) make some of the best music that heard in a long time.

From what I know, Dangerous Nonsense decried  themselves as "art thrash metal" or something like that when I talked to one of the band members.  For now, I'm just going to call them "music you can circle pit to" because if you get 3 or more friends and play this CD on a mini stereo, you will start a circle pit. The package is nifty, it isn't a jewel case "basement CD" that I'm so used to having. The case is some origami fold thing that also doubles as a lyric sheet. I would unfold all if it to look at the lyrics, but I totally suck at folding and origami so I'm just going to leave it the way that it is. So don't go asking me for the lyrics. 

Track one: Track one starts off with a bang. Whats the bang? A flute. Honestly, I thought that this demo was going to suck until about 1:40. The bass grabbed my attention. "A bass with a wah wah pedal? Is that what what I hear?" That's kind of good with a semi-quiet song (compared to the rest of the album). Screams at 4:00 onward got me hooked into the rest of the album. Pretty good.

Track two: So there is some quiet noise between tracks one and two and I thought again "another quiet song right?" I was wrong. I guess they put the dangerous in this track. Two seconds in and then " Holy Crap! Wow. Yeah, forget what I said about track one!". Double kick on the drums, bass goes all out and all of that.  20 seconds till about 50 seconds, things get calm, the calm doesn't last for long though because right at 1:00 those drums come back slowly and gain speed. 1:15, another tasteful scream. 1:20, back to the "quiet chaos". Then witches laughs. "This is my kind of song". 2:48 the bass switches things up, then the songs goes back to that "quiet chaos" thing.  From then on, things get crazy and then just end. I'm thinking that this is a bridge to track three.

Track three
: The bass stood out to me on this one and it really hit me at 0:38 seconds. The drums need to get some attention too. I guess the doubble kick technique is what makes me like this song. At 2:38, I finally found out that this song is like "Walking through Alice in Wonderland" or the noise that I think I would hear if I fell into a "demented toy box at Halloween." Yes, that is a good thing.

Track four: Symbols and killer bass rift that reminds me of some "early Black Sabbath song". Then the vocals come in screaming, literally. 1:22: things slow down again, then lead into this bass driven overdrive festival. Same thing at 2:09 too. We get a vocal screaming break for a couple of minutes but 3:15 is the highlight of the song.

Track five: Opens with scream. Nice way to make the song about violence if I heard right. The bass, and the drums again are working together yet again to make more sick madness on this album, best part at 0:38 seconds. More slowness, yet again, but it makes the song better and leads you to the vocals yet again. I think the highlight is at 1:38 with more bass overdrive. Things pick up at around 2:50 or so, and then its over like that. Bam. The whole thing is over.  That's the Weapon of Choice EP.

I guess the saying "good things come in small packages" is true. This EP packs a punch and it does a lot of things that bands can't even do in 3 releases. Remember when I posted that I had a secret not too long ago? Well, it relates to Dangerous Nonsense. Hopefully I guessed the release date right and I (hope) that we all see a full length album sometime in October or the Following months.

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Hope you enjoyed my review! I got lots more from this point forward. Keep checking back for more posts! Once I hit 50 posts, I'll do something special for you guys.

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