Friday, August 6, 2010

My 5 musical fantasies that probably won't happen, but might just happen anyway.

We all have those fantasies, the ones where you think for a while and say "Oh that would be so totally awesome if this band did this thing!". That came into my head today, so I then thought about the 5 musical things that I personally know that won't happen. And if they did happen, you could say that I called it. This list isn't ranked, so don't be all like "She ranked this band over this one? How absurd!".  I'm just writing what comes to mind.

1. A "real" PJ Harvey B-sides album.
If you read my "Friday Five" from last week, you know how much I want a PJ Harvey B-sides album.  Well, I think that I can speak for a lot of PJ fans when I say this; we are tired of going to You tube to find your B-sides. Could you just do us a favor and make, one 15 track B-sides album so we all can hear your awesome B-sides. One more thing, please don't release this only in the UK. If that happened, your non UK fans wouldn't be to happy. Trust me, I can't travel to the UK  to by one CD (well, I could but I just don't want to).

2.One more Sleater Kinney Album.
This could happen. Yes, I'm a hardcore SK fan and I know whats going on with them. Corin is about to release an album on October 5th, (here is a free download. You're welcome) and I can't confirm this, but Brownstein and Weiss may have a new band in the coming future. When I heard all of this I was like "Yeah! That's awesome and I can't wait, but where in the heck is the Sleater Kinney?" I started to write an if - then statement and it went like this "If Sleater Kinney is on hiatus and all three of them are still active in music, then we will see a new album from them because they are all still active in music". Science has never failed me, and if it fails me now, then I'm screwed. (Do it for me Sleater Kinney! Pleeseee :)

3. The release of the long awaited My Bloody Valentine Album.
Ok, this is how this story goes. My Bloody Valentine released an album. This album was Loveless and it came out in 1991. This album was so great, it made Creation Records go Bankrupt. Fast forward to 2007, Kevin Shields says that their album is "almost" done and they have been recording since 1997. My Bloody Valentine toured and toured and toured and toured until they were at All Tomorrows parties in 2009. And then what happened?  I want to hear more of that crazy, crazy awesomeness in my ears and I want to hear it soon. I don't want to be 30 years old and finally get the new My Bloody Valentine album. That just doesn't feel right.

4. Another Feist album.
Feist is kind of like the My Bloody Valentine thing except she is in another band (Broken Social Scene) and thats good right? I think that the world needs more catchy original songs like "Past in Present" (if I had a dollar for every time that got stuck in my head...). Just a word of advice from me, (if you just magically happen to stumble on my blog) don't listen to Apple. If you just so happen to make that said "catchy" song, don't sell it to Apple. Don't. I don't care if they give you the Apple Ipad 2.3 and a full American citinship. Just don't. Thanks.

5. I play a "real" gig.
Ok, I got the small ones down; friend's basement, friend's backyard, friend's Mom's birthday bash, School Guitar club (Yeah, I owned all of them). When am I going to play something with a legit band (not like the bands that I played with weren't legit) at a really cool dive bar (dream come true...) ? Anyway, I'm sure that it will happen when I'm in college trying to scrape up some money before I go to some far away land as an English teacher. I'll tell you how it goes.

Friday Five later. Have fun with the download. (don't tell them who sent you here. Thanks)

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