Sunday, August 15, 2010

Music For Dummies.

My Dad wants a new Ipod. Let me say that he only has a few CD's (not even close to what I have by the way) a blackberry touch (I have no idea what it is, I don't do blackberries) and he downloads everything else of the two devils of online music: Rhapsody and Itunes. This new Ipod that he wants is only a steel at 160 gigs and can hold everything you can "ever dream of".  As a music lover, collector, and blogger I had an inherent right to disagree with him. I'm not going to retype everything that I said, but I can just break my argument into 3 reasons why he doesn't need an 160 gig Ipod to hold all of his music.

Do you even have 160 gigs worth of music in the first place?

According to my research, 160 gigs is 40,000 songs.  That is just about 2,666 CD's total. The last time I checked, my dear old Dad Isn't even close to that number on hard copy CD's or even in downloads. Why waste the money on going big? Take it from me people, sometimes more isn't worth it.  Here is an example: One time my Dad thought it was a good idea to get my Mom a 200 Gig laptop and iPod touch just because she was "behind on technology". She uses both about once a month. I go by this saying " Only buy it when you need it".  I'm going to move on to the next thing...

Can you even rip 190 CD's without my help? Can you download and renew licenses without my help?

I got the title from those For dummies" book series. Its kind of a running joke in my family "You need to get your Dad a "computers for dummies" book because he doesn't know what the heck to do when it comes to computers. Being the tech geek in my family, I know what is good, what is bad, how to put it together, how to take it apart, and how to fix it. A while ago I was like "Yeah! I'll help you set up your computer :D" and after I was on the phone taking 3 hours out of my homework time in SAT season talking to the Lead IT specialist in India for no reason, I gave up helping. Who has to take responsibility for when a phone breaks? Who fixes computers when the WiFi goes out? Me. If I can do it, then I'm pretty sure that it Isn't that hard to take responsibility to fix your own technology.

Whatever you download, you don't own.

One of the bad parts of downloading off the internet is that sometimes you have to get "license" to use the music that you have. I don't want to spend too much time on this, but HowStuffWorks has a great article on music licensing. I recommend it so you can feel my pain.

I hope you guys learned something in my madness. It really isn't worth being flashy. If I'm giving off the impression that my family is rich, it isn't true. It really isn't . I don't even have enough for a burrito sometimes, more or less, a new iPod. Who has money though? My Dad. Thanks for reading through my family issues. I promise I wont do it again. But you know what I will do? I'll finish typing my super secret post just for you guys.

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