Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Come to Denver, Please?

I don't live in Denver, (well, I live 20 minutes away on a good day) but I can say that I care about the music that we have here in Denver. I was thinking about what I can do to make it even better and get the people who love the music here in Denver to go to more shows. Because of this, I drafted up 10 reasons why bands, artists, and music lovers should come to do Denver.

1. Fact is, you are going to pass over us anyway.
      If you didn't know, Colorado is the big square state in the middle of California and  Texas. Most planes that have to get anywhere in the nation fly over us, and face it, you will pass through us on your road trip. Would it be worth it to just stop on that road trip, and play us a show? Don't worry about venues, we have some odd ones (I'll get to that later).

   2. We are nice people.
    Take it from me, I have had some (good) run ins with musicians and I promise that even the most unsuspecting people will be nice to you and your band (If you have one). For example, I was ordering a burrito at Chipotle, the best burrito place ever, and I hear a "Hey" and look over my shoulder to see one of the best guitarists ever (I'm protecting their privacy). I didn't realize it at the moment, but I was helping one of my favorite guitarists build an epic vegetarian burrito. The voice in the back of my head was saying "They are famous! Get them to sign a napkin!" but I didn't act, and most of us here in Denver wont. We are willing to hang out on a couch and talk about tape loop machines.

   3. Our venues are awesome.
     I talked about this in in my all ages vs. age restricted post, but Denver has some really awesome places to see a show, So you dont' have to worry about really bad shows at really bad venues, someone is always going to show up. No matter what.

   4. Our food is good.
      I know that when I travel, I always look for a good place to eat. And most of the time, I eat at a new place that someone recommends to me. If I ever eat at a place that is really bad, then I have a hard time going back. We don't have bad places to eat in Denver. We have what you want to eat, even deep dish pizza and cupcakes.

   5. We have killer bands that will open for you.
      Being an artist in Denver, I'd be thrilled to open with my band, I'm sure that other bands in Denver feel the same way I do. We have talent here, so why not take advantage of it? This brings me to my other point...

   6. Our scene is thriving!
     We have lots of local stuff here and it is all pretty good. Despite that though, we need to find the key that we need to make our scene even better. We need all the help that we can get.

   7. Please give us something to do!
      Please! When I'm not debating, I see if I can attend a show. I love my local music, but it gets kind of stale when you see the same bands every weekend. I know that other people feel my pain, so why not try to set up even more shows for us to attend? Talk to a Denver musician and set up a gig! It will keep us from sitting at home staring at walls.

   8. We will buy your stuff.
     I love getting trinkets, posters, stickers, CD's, and anything else at shows. As long as I'm helping out a fellow indie artist, I (and other people) will buy your stuff and will be happy buying it.

   9. I'll show up! (hopefully)
      Always will! (That's saying if I don't have anything else to do...) But I really do show up at shows if I am staring at my wall on a perfectly good Friday night wondering what else I could do with my time. Just try not to put a show on a weekday!

  10. We are awesome!
      300 days of sunshine, Mountain ranges galore, clean air, great people, what else could you wish for in a city? That is pretty awesome to me.

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