Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Five Finds something new.

Happy Friday everyone! This week, I'm showcasing videos that I have personally never seen before. I was quite suprised because I never thoght these things existed!

Cat Power - Nude As The News. It is weird to see the video for this song. It brings another mood to the song itself.

Sonic Youth - Making The Nature Scene - Live in Poitier 1983. This is awesome. Look how old it is (or just look at Kim's glasses). I wonder what the audience was thinking when they seen this.

Big Black - Strange Things. This song is only found on the Atomizer EP. I wonder why. It sounds like it would fit anywhere else on Atomizer EP.

Pixies - Vamos. As my friend would say; "The Pixies are bad ass dude!". They happen to be right and this song proves it.

Extra! Pixies - Bone Machine. This is one of my favorites from them.

Mika Miko - Sev. Heck, I didn't even know that they played this song. Talk about new...

Classic Sleater Kinney - Start Together. As with all videos featured this week, I have never seen this video. It looks like it is taken from some bad talk show, but I could be wrong. I like this video because the song works well with the lighting and sets the mood for the video but it does kind of get annoying at times.The only bad thing is that the sound gets kind of jumpy halfway though (Oh how I miss VHS). But other than that, awesome video.

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