Monday, December 6, 2010

Make up Monday!

So this weekend/Friday has been a long one, and I'm really sorry that I didn't do "Friday Five" on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. In light of this, I'm posting 6 videos! Hopefully, we can start this week off well.

Metallica - Jump In The Fire. I don't really listen to Metallica, but I do have my times when I really want to listen to the first album. Mika Miko do a good version of this.

Butter 08 - Butter of '69. I just found this video today, While I was watching it, I realized that this was on MTV 2! Sadly, this is probably the last good thing on MTV 2.

Vice Squad - Latex Love. Classic song!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Jools Holland. This is a long video, but you get 3 songs (Date with the night, Maps and Pin)!

Cat Power -Lost someone (live) & interview. Another long video. The interview is in French, but you can still understand the questions.

Sleater Kinney - Little Babies.

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