Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Album Review:Mika Miko's "C.Y.S.L.A.B.F."

I wrote this a while ago, but I thought that you readers would like to read something while I'm gone for a couple of days.

Yes, I'm just going to say it now. Mika Miko is an  aquired taste. To put it into simple words, it's like early 80's punk mixed with free jazz when the Saxaphone kicks in. Sounds strange, but it works in the end. I wouldn't give this CD to just anyone and If I reccomend it to you, then that means that you sure are specal. I got into Mika Miko though Last Fm (just like lots of other bands) and I was like, "Dude, what just happended?" .  I recomend this band if you are getting tired with that 80's Hardcore Punk.

Take it serious - good way to start off an album. Love the lyrics. Drums and bass Really get me going on this song. I love how short it is.

Capricornations - nod to riot girl? Instant classic the first time I heard it. Danceable bass groove. An easy top ten on my mika miko list of songs.

See you there - I can't get used to the intro, rest of the song is great and addictive. I like how the clapping at the end is a lead to the next song…

Jogging song (He's you Mr. Right) - They kill me with the sick bass,guitar,drums intro. I like the choppyness of this song. Lyrics are simple again. (One two one two one!)

End of time - I can see why they site the germs as an infulence. Another sick combo. I always sing the "end of time part" bass is stand out on this song.

The Dress - nice keyboard guitar harmonics, drums keep it together. (Singer) sounds like tobi Vail of bikini kill. Well sounds like it would fit in with a BK album. Dress dress dress dress! Solo fits in well.

Tightly Liberace - I have no idea what this has to do with liberache, but it does have a synth sounding keyboard that is kind of cool.  This as another song that has that awesome bass and guitatar signature Mika Mikko Sound.

Take Hold - This might have to replace my ringtone of "Wild Bore" (I love waking up to that song). Great bass and gutiar driven song. I love how the last verse just merges into the outro, and then just stops. Awesome.

Buissness Cats - Another one of those stand out Mika Miko songs. If you haven't already, see the video. I just like this whole song, it works whatever way you look at. "Get Excited!"  I wonder how many times they say that.

Chron Liar - It starts off fast. Then the vocals come in. Then the synthy awesome noise. Then we break out into a guitar solo bridge. If you haven't guessed already I'm a fan of the guitar solo bridge. Espally this one.

Don't shake it off - Cymbolls... Then an awesome guitar and bass intro. Reminds me of a Germs/Black Flag combo. Then a saxaphone. Here comes the X-ray Spex. Sing along chrous makes the song. Bridge/breakdown shift with the 1234 countdown to a synthy keyboard end.

I Don't like your Widows Peak - Love the title. Love the guitar in this song. I kind of feel bad for all of those people out there with widows peaks. Just remember, they aren't directing it at you. This is one of the slower songs of the album. It works though, its at the end and it is a nice way to merge to the next song.

Oh, Head Spin! - It is the last song of the album and I'm super stoked that started it with the bass - guitar - drum trio that I so enjoy.  I'm sure am glad that it is there because it makes this song easy to dance too, and I'm picky with the songs that I an dance too. I'm tasting, some 80's L.A. Punk in there too. Great way to end the album.

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