Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Five, the fun part of the week.

Happy Friday! I put together some songs that I play to get pumped up for a debate meet, and I hope you enjoy them. I'm kind of nervous because it is the "official" start of debate season this weekend and I want to do a good job! Hopefully, I can do better next week! That stuff is for my other blog, so I'm going to get to the music.

X-Ray Spex - Plastic Bag. Anything by X-Ray Spex makes me want to yell at someone (in a good way!), so I have them on repeat for most of the day. This song has some good metaphors!

Bikini Kill - Lil Red . Bikini Kill is just fun listen to anyway. Fact: Bikini Kill on repeat will keep you awake longer than coffee will. (This is my favorite song by them). Hey look, its a riotboy (or is it riotboyyy? I'm done trying...)

Extra!: Jigsaw Youth. "Jigsaw, Jigsaw Youth!"

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Hong Kong Garden. I think this from a documentary or something. Any song from "The Scream", "Kaleidoscope", or "Juju" makes me feel happy.

Mika Miko - Business Cats. This video is so Corny, I love it though.

PJ Havey - Victory. You can't have a successful day at a Debate meet without this song! (It's true!). Kind of cool to see PJ play some of her old stuff (I think this was recorded in '06. Don't quote me on that).

Classic Sleater Kinney! This week: A microphone looses to Sleater Kinney's awesomeness, and Sleater Kinney Talks to a skinhead rat.
Call the Doctor - Philadelphia '96. Holy Cow, this is old! Look at the hairstyles! The microphone might break soon. Why aren't these people moving around (you know I would...).Rude camera guy at 1:06.

Sleater - Kinney meats ratso on Chic-A-Go-Go. (Ratso is a Skinhead! Look, he has suspenders and Dr. Martens! Pause at :17. ). I'm glad I wasn't on this show, I would have looked like a lunatic dancing to Youth decay. Well,I guess everyone else is too...

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