Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Five on a Saturday!

No, I didn't want to have a Friday Five on a Saturday, but I had to get some sleep so I could feel better today. I had this prepared on Friday, but I just didn't have time to post it. With that, happy listening!

My Bloody Valentine - You made me realize (From some TV show). Debbie and Colm look like they should be playing in a Punk band. It works anyway.

Zounds - Subvert

Le Tigre - Stay Monkey. This is actually a Julie Ruin Song.What does "Stay Monkey" mean?  Despite this, I love this song.

PJ Harvey - The Mountain. Cross your fingers and hope for a new PJ Harvey album! Check out my post.

The Raincoats - The Void. Classic Song, classic album, classic band. Another one of the many albums I must buy...

Extra! Sonic Youth Titanium Expose. I was saving this for another Friday, but I just couldn't wait! I also didn't know that this song had a video! You learn something new every day.

Classic Sleater-Kinney! Yoyo a Go Go 1997. Janet makes old SK sound good! How awesome!

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