Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Five: Late editon.

I was at a debate meet this Friday, so I didn't post the Friday Five earlier. This is why this Friday Five is the "Late edition". I'm not going to lie, this Friday Five is bare bones, so don't complain about it. I'll make it up to you guys somehow.

Oh, if you have any video recommendations, please tell me! I'm not running, out but I want to feature something new and awesome!

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band "Dropout Boogie". Don't worry, the piggy wiggies will be ok. PJ Fans: doesn't this sound like "I think I'm a mother?"

Sonic Youth - Sink (live). This is a really awesome version! Why don't they play this more live?

Extra!Doctors Orders, Thurston Verson. At first, I wanted to know if this was a joke, but I guess it isnt! It gives the song a new vibe. Apperently, this was sposted to be on Goo? I think they had to push it over to Expermental Jet set(...) instead.

Cat Power - Nude as the News. Can you guess who the drummer is? Why is Chan playing a Flying - V? This has to be one of my favorite Cat Power songs, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it means, that must be the buity in it. (I still have a flame gun for the cute ones...)

Erase Errata - Crusing. That grandma is awesome. One of the best music videos I've seen.

Extra! Erase Errata - Pass the Crimson. I thought this would suck, but I guess I was wrong... Video quality is kinda crummy though.

(Not So Classic) Sleater Kinney. This week, Janet Weiss kills Sarah Lund in a drum battle.

Come on, did you hear the warm up at 0:4-0:11??? No Contest.

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