Sunday, July 17, 2011

Super Cool Announcement!

Ok, I'm not reviewing an album or posting a playlist this time around, I'm making a pretty big announcement. So please read this, its going to be pretty cool.

This week, I got the chance to collaborate with 3 other people to write a song and preform it in front of a 700 people this week. We did it and everything went successfully. I then realized that I should be doing a little bit more with my musical carer, and I have made the choice to start seriously working on my solo project.

For a while, I thought that I needed a full band to make music, but this week, I started to notice that I could use the Garage Band app on my ipad to full potential. Right now, I don't really need to buy anything to start making music. I have my guitar, my input jack and cable, the Garage Band App, and my Voice. That is it. I'm keeping the sound raw, and I'm not really going to mix it "well" but that is the sound that I want to release anyway.

I just decided to take some action now, so I still have some things to work out, but I know that everything should work out fine.


Brandy said...

Congradulations, it is good that you are not letting your potential go to waste. Don't know if you are in college but if you are do you mind me asking what your major is?

riotxgrrlxamy said...

I'm majoring in English and French. I'm a wordy person.