Monday, July 25, 2011

Music I've been meaning to buy, but checked out at the Library series Part Eight: Donkey - CSS

I was in the mood for dance music, so I decided to check out Donkey. CSS is coming to Denver soon, and I thought that I would pick up all of their albums before I went to go see them so I could familiarize myself with their work. I heard good things about them, so I can't wait to listen to this album. I have heard that Donkey sounds different from the other albums that CSS has released, but I'll have to find the answer to that when I find the other albums.

Track-By-Track Review
Jager Yoga
This is a good opening; Everything is pretty much synchronized. Then the lyrics come in and everything changes. It went from indie to electronic! What happened? I don't know, but I like it. When that Chorus comes around then things keep getting better! If the opening track sounds this good, then I wonder what the rest of the album sounds like.

Rat is Dead (Rage)
This sounds good so far. The first thing that I've noticed is the guitar line in this song. The bass is mixed somewhat low, so I guess that isn't caryign the melody. But I won't get to technical for the rest of the song. I'm not really paying attention to the lyrics, but I guess they have to do something about ending heartbreak.

Lets Reggae All Night
The opening is great. The bass and drum combo is prefect together. Then the synth and lyrics come in. Great. I'm liking this. This is a good song. Check out that bridge. If I had to think of a dance song, I would probably describe this one.

Give Up
Looks like they are keeping the momentum that that the last song created. That rhythm guitar is great, the matching vocals on the lyrics are great. But the Chorus is where this song really shines. It is one of those chorus that you just want to sing over and over. I've listened to this for a while, but I'm finally getting the lyrics stuck in my head. Hand's down, the best part of this song is the Breakdown, although it sounds a little different it is still good. But the second Chorus is what I'm not enjoying. It just ended!

Left Behind
"Hey! I heard this before!" that is what I first thought when I listened to this album. "I know this!" Most people do because it was all over the place for a while. I'm sure you heard it too. I'm going to be honest. I'm tired of this song. I can't really listen to it when my iPod is on shuffle. I always think "Not this song again" but sometimes, when I really feel like it I will listen to Left Behind.  I wouldn't mind if they played it live at a concert, I would be dancing around anyway.

Beautiful Song
I do think this song is better than Left Behind from a music point of view, but I think that Left Behind is lyrically better. No matter what, I have to listen to it for a while to start to like it; I usually catch on halfway through the song. This is a song that you would dance to anyway because that beat is pretty awesome.

How I became Paranoid
It might just be me, but I don't enjoy this opening at all. But I usually get though it so I can listen to the lyrics. Overall, its an alright song to listen to musically, but this is definably one of those songs that you have to dance to.

This one has a great opening, goes right into the lyrics. This might be a good song. No wait, it is a good song. It is a dance song that you can listen to if you want, or a good song to dance too. Well, the name of the song is Move, so I guess that make sense. Dance to this one!

I Fly
They really break out the guitar on this one! Yes! This song has a Ska feel to it and that is probably why I like it so much. (It would be insane to Skank to this). The lyrics are borderline stalkerish, but who cares? You should be dancing to this anyway. The bridge at 1:55 is great, very Sonic Youth like. And right when that bridge is over, the song picks right back up to where it was! That is great!

Believe Achieve
This is the best song off the album. It is strong, but at the same time it still gives the other songs on this album room in your listening library. It is one of the best dance songs that I know of, and it just sounds good! (even if the lyrics are absurd). However, I forget all about this song when the next one comes on...

Air Painter
I'm not crazy about this song. It is alright, but it isn't my favorite. If I had to put this song someplace, I would put this right after Left Behind. Anyway, it isn't that bad, but I think that this one should have been placed higher up on this album.

Trust me, I will be lisening to this album a whole lot in the next couple of months. But the thing is that Donkey gets kind of slow someplace beteween Left Behind and How I Became Paranoid. They pick it up on Move, but things slow down on I Fly (even though I like that song). One song later, Believe Achieve comes on, but you forget about how about how awesome it is because of Air Painter. Despite the down falls, I think that this is a great album. I can't wait until the concert!

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