Sunday, May 22, 2011

Warpaint - Exquisite Corpse Review.

I loved The Fool so much, I thought that I would just go out and buy Exquisite Corpse and listen to that too. I'm happy I bought it because it is a great EP to listen to, especially if you are a Warpaint, or Dream Pop Fan.

This one starts off mellow, and stays mellow. The bass drives this one along right off the bat and it stays with the song untill the end. Great way to start off this album.

This is (probably) Warpaint's best known song. This is the first Warpaint song that I heard. I was watching the infamous Coachella set (go watch that now! Lets get this to 100,000!). The first time I heard it, I remember thinking that "There was so much going on! This band is awesome!". Everything is just right with this song, the bass is heavy, but it isn't too heavy because you get that sick guitar melody going on, and the vocals just have the right amount of effect on them, so they aren't really annoying (2:40 -2:45 on the album version). The shift that occurs in this song at 3:40 excites me every time I listen to it. Very class. If I had to classify this song, I would call it Punkgaze because it is too fast to be Shoegaze and too effects heavy to be punk. Either way, if you don't move around when this song is playing, then there is something seriously wrong with you (I'm looking at YOU hipsters...)

Billie Holiday

This is a cover of Mary Wells "My Guy", except they insert Billie Holiday at the beginning and end. You probably heard this song before. It isn't too complex, it isn't fast, it isnt' slow, and it is just at a good pace. As you might can tell, they slowed this down and added the experimental elements. Basically this is Corpse's "Baby". This song WILL get stuck in your head, even if you listen to it once (ahem, Coachella set anyone?). Warpaint is really good at "warping time" like I said in my last review. I don't know how they do it, but this song sound like its 4 minutes long, but its 6! How did this happen? They are hitting to Sonic Youth teratory now (I mean, who else can make a 7 minute song sound like 3 minutes?). That is an interesting loop at the end though.


I wonder of Warpaint knew Mika Miko because the lyrics sound somewhat similar. Anyway, nice opening lyrics. As usuial, the bass is driving this song along again and it sounds great. I don't know how they do it, but this song does not sound like a 7 minute song. This song really gets intense after 2:25 and up until the 5:25 mark.

Burgundy is like the leftover part of Beetles because it practically sounds the same. I like that; it's like Beetles never ended. The lyrics take a step back this time and we really focus on the bass and drum combo that set this band apart from the rest right now. If you are listening to Burgundy for the first time (even if you are not) I recommend listening to the lyrics and make a mental note of what sounds good. I like how this song got fast right around 2:37. I didn't expect that this song would pick up. It's great. I thought that it would have taken The Fool for Warpaint to set up their song structure, but that isn't the case, for their first E.P. they established a pretty good foundation.

And right when you think that the album is practically over, Krimson comes on "Wow, is the last song?" but it isn't! By itself Krimson is one hell of a song. I think it might be up there with the more popular tracks from The Fool. Ok, so stick with me on this one: Burgundy and Crimson are similar colors, and Burgundy and Crimson are similar songs (or they are lyrically speaking). It's great because it is like two sides of the same song! Great way to end an album.

This does not sound like an EP at ALL. It sounds more like the first couple of songs from an album (like a 12 track album). If you haven't gotten this, EP Go buy it now!(you might want to pick up The Fool too just so you won't have to get it later. Fair warning, this EP is HIGHLY addictive, and you might not stop playing it when you listen to it. I highly recommend this EP and The Fool. I'm sure you will like it too.

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