Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Five: Rapture Playlist Edition.

Happy Friday everyone! I have swollen tonsils so I can't really do as much as I want to do, but I still made time for the Friday Five this week. This time around, I'm posting some songs from my appropriately titled "Rapture Playlist".

Blondie - Rapture. You know...Just in case the Rapture *Really* happens this weekend...(Yes,I know the whole rap).

Sonic Youth - Kissability Live in Amsterdam 1989. This is an AWESOME set. I want to watch the rest of it if I can find it. I'm like the Church that they are playing in.

Extra! Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket Live in Amsterdam 1989. If you listen carefully, you can hear a lyric change.

Warpaint - Elephants Later with Jools Holland. This aired on the 13th of May, so its somewhat new. I think that this is a better version than the one from Coachella that I posted not too long ago, and I still think that it is better than the album version! (Hey, is Stella dressed like a droog? Anyway, she is killing it on the Drums).

Extra! Warpaint - Undertow Live on Later with Jools Holland. This one was a bummer because it feels a little rushed. If you want a good live version, then just watch the Coachella set (its 2 extra minutes and it has an awesome drum solo!). (P.S. If you like Warpaint, Check out my album review for The Fool. I will have another Warpaint review up soon)

Classic Sleaater Kinney
Bannned From the End of the World. This is the prefect song for a rapture playlist right?

Buy Her Candy (Echo Lounge Part 11). I can't believe that they messed up. Awesome Video anyway.

Fine, I just had to add in part 12 too... Dig Me Out. The bands reaction to the fans onstage is priceless.

Hidden Bonus Extra! Sonic Youth - Nevermind (What was it Anyway). This song has been in my head all week and I couldn't stop listening to it, so I found the video for the song. If you want to have fun, try to find Sleater Kinney! (no seriouslly, I had no idea that they were in this video)
(Hardcore SK fans, is that Carrie's Dog?)

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