Saturday, February 12, 2011

7 Break up songs for Saturday.

I just went through a break up, so I thought that I would share my top 5 break up songs. These songs are always here for me when people aren't so I thought that this would be a good coping method.

Fugazi-Promises. How could you not like this song?

Husker-Du - Something that I learned today.

Extra! Husker-Du - Don't wanna know if you are lonely. I had to throw this in here too.

Cat Power- Metal Heart. I personally think that this is better than the newer live versions.

Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Maps. Say what you want about them, or the video, but this is recomended listening. Its all in the lyrics!

PJ Harvey - Legs. This is the ULTAMATE Break up song. Valentines day song even. Whatever the occasion, this will make you feel better. Fantastic footage.

Sleater - Kinney - The last song. This is a repost from a previous instament, but it is nessary break up song.

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