Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I got for 3 Dollars.

Remember when I was waiting for that package? Well, I thought that it would be a good time to tell you all what I was so surprised about.

From The Sound Collection

(Yeah, I know about the CD's  what else can I use to hold down a poster?)

This is a Sleater Kinney "One Beat" Promo poster. When I ordered this, I just thought that I would be the standard SK poster, but when I started to look at it further, I realized that this was an autographed poster! "How could I get an autographed SK poster for 3 Dollars?"  I really couldn't believe that I'd scored another really cool poster for under so cheap! I'm sorry, but in my opinion, this poster is better than the Sonic Youth poster I got for 5 Dollars.

The green box on the upper right of the poster has some song titles that I haven't even heard! I wrote them down (not in order, standard track listing got in the way).

The Visitor
Lions + Tigers (listen to it here)
Hit me with...(poster ends)
Its Your F(poster ends)
Monster (Another Word, then poster ends)

This is the reason why we need a Sleater Kinney b-side album! I really want to know what all of these other songs sound like!.

If I got something this cool for 3 dollars, I wonder what I can get for free!

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