Friday, January 7, 2011

First Friday Five of the New Year!

Happy New Year! I'm quite excited to post the first Five of the Year! I'm planing to do some fun stuff with the Friday Five this year, but I'm going to plan it as I go.

Matson Jones -  N.E.S.F.T.O. I had to up Colorado for once, so here you go. I still need to get this album. I might get it this weekend. (Colorado People, does anything look famaliar?)

PJ Harvey - Hook. I haven't seen this one before. It must be from PJ's To bring you my Love Era. You could totaly tell from the song structure.

Extra! Me-Jane. I just had to put this one in too.

The Jesus Lizard- Boilermaker. The Jesus Lizard is all types of awesome. Looks like I have to purchace one of their albums sometime sooon.

Sonic Youth - I'm Not There. This is a pretty good Bob Dylan Cover. Any cover from Sonic Youth is good though.

Cat Power - Ichy Head. Hey look, Chan has on a Bob Dylan shirt.

Classic Sleater Kinney! Far Away. I had to dig really deep in my Youtube favorites list (1,000+ songs) to find this one. It was worth it though. According to the video discription this was taped May 21st 2002 and was "SK's 3rd show back from a 2 year hitatus". One Beat was realeased on August 20th 2002, so this must have been a secret show sort of thing!Check out that solo/bridge section.

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