Friday, June 10, 2011

The Summer Playlist Part One

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first Friday Five post of my Summer Vacation! I was kind of tired from final exams last week to post, but I thought that this week would be a good time because it is now officially my summer vacation! Expect more reviews and things, so stay tuned to your feed (or however else you get to my blog).

My Bloody Valentine - Sue is Fine Amsterdam '89. This is an awesome concert and I might upload it all later in a next Five installment, but fair warning, if you don't want to blow your eardrums or speakers out, TURN DOWN THE VOLUME!!! Thanks :)

PJ Harvey & John Parish - April aris Bataclan '09. Super nice quality on this on this one.

Here is a PJ Harvey interview for you to watch too.

Warpaint Beauty Bar interview '10. This is the best interview ever. If you have to watch one video this week, watch this one. (Wow they are BAKED) 4:43 is epic

Extra: Beetles @ Fort Worth Modern Art Museum '10. It took me a while, to figure this out, but this is only half the song. (Heck, did they play half of it?) Anyway, its pretty good.

Classic Sleater - Kinney! Ok, I used my time off to dig deep into my favorites list on YouTube, and I found these gems for you all. Enjoy the first 4 videos in SK's Coachella 2006 set.

What's Mine Is Yours @ Coachella '06. Wait for the epic solo @ 2:20. Man, it keeps going through the rest of the song too! Epic!
Looks like the embed link isn't working, so click the link >>>

Rollercoaster @ Coachella '06. Carries intro thing was great, why did they just start the song? Anyway, if you really listen at :55 - 1:44 Were they trying to tune this song down? (I doubt it...) but the rest of the song is good.

Sympathy @ Coachella '06. This is the next song. Why did they have to play a sad song after a good one? Oh well (I'm not dissing their choice though). Anyway, looks like they fixed the drum set right in time... (This might be me, but they all look equally pissed while playing this song...)

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