Thursday, June 9, 2011

Music I've been meaning to buy, but I checked out at the Libary Series part two: Waves - Wavvves

Yes, I listen to Waves. I listened to Wavves before you did. No I'm not a hipster, I just know about good music before most people do. So this is one of the reasons why I didn't get this album from my local record store in person. I just can't risk being labeled "cool" but I guess I'll take the leap and go ahead and buy this when I get the chance to. I haven't heard this full album (like always) but I have heard some tracks, but its been a while since I heard them. I do know that Wavves gives the term feedback a new meaning. This album is distorted like heck, its loud, its gretty, its awesome (and it might even sound like Best Coast...). Some people might not make it through the whole album, but incase you don't, I'm happy to lend my ears to give you a non biased review. Also keep in mind that I'm being 100% serious with this review. This isn't a joke review. Trust me.

Track By Track Analysis

Rainbow Everywhere
This is probably what a rainbow sounds like; distorted electronic madness that lasts for One minute and twenty-nine seconds.

Beach Demon
Ok real song. I can't really hear it, so let me get the lyric sheet and look at the lyrics. Oh, this sounds kind of depressing! Who cares, it has a good beat and pretty nice melody. I like it. I just noticed, but Wavves kind of sounds like Ariel Pink! (am I right, or am I right?)

To The Dregs
Yeah, so lets forget about the lyrics because they don't really seem that important right now. Anyway, I do like the (kind of) melody that I'm hearing in this song. While listening to this album, I had to wonder, "How can you get a guitar to sound like that?" I was thinking about that too much, so I had to listen to this song over.

Sun Opens My Eyes

A slow song? I wouldn't expect a slow song from Wavves. Well, a slower song. If you listen hard enough, you can hear a little bit of a Vivian Girls influence (thats what my music radar is picking up).

Gun in the Sun

This is something about a "gun in the sun". Who cares, just listen to the melody. This is pretty good for low-fi noise pop (is that the genre? Should I call this Indie because I don't know what to call it? What do I do here?)

So Bored
This is the first Wavves song I heard. I remember what I thought: "What is this? Is this more of that Twee rock that my Last FM station wants to play? Eh, whatever, its pretty good." As you can guess, this song is about being bored, or it's about ssome kid getting beat up by some kid in a Christan Death shirt and narator is "so bored". Heck, why am I going deep into these lyrics. Whatever. I like this song. I think you will like it to. You might have heard it someplace before anyway.

Goth Girls
Another instrmental. Is this what Goth Girls sound like? 2:00 onwards reminds me of HEALTH and all of their cool noisey stuff.

No Hope Kids
This is the second Wavves song that I heard. I heard the lyrics and I KNEW that I loved it. So, go listen to it.

Weed Demon
Its kind of a known fact that Wavves likes Weed. So he might have named this song after that. Its a pretty simple song. Slower, but its straight forward and it gets the job done.

California Goths

Another song about weed. This time, it's fast! Again, I'm hearing more infulences from HEALTH, and Vivivan Girls; it sounds like they got mixed in a blender.

Summer Goth
I feel like this is a love song. I also feel like Wavves is running out of titles for his songs. I also feel like this song sounds like a Best Coast song that I do not remember the name of. Its ok though, because Best Coast and Wavves are practically the same band. (Ok, that was a inside joke, but seriously, they are basically the same band).

Beach Goth

Hey, I like the drums that come in late on this one. Pretty cool.

Killr Punx, Scary Demons.

We have some eco-ish stuff on this one. More feadback, more whatver it is guitrar something in the background.

Surf Goth
I don't feel like looking up the lyrics on this one, (I guess that I don't really need to), but this song is slow, and it is slightly hypnotic. I like it.

If you enjoyed this album, you might want to check out Vivian Girls (just released a new album), Best Coast (they now have the Vivian Girls old dummer), and probally No Age. I like these bands, so that is probally why I enjoyed this album. If you didn't really like this album, then that is ok beacuase I didn't get it on my first coupple of listens, so don't feel bad. Whenever I listen to Wavves I get inspired to make music. It makes me realise that I can make music, no matter how low-fi it is.

Again, I was being 100% honest on this review, I had to be a little funny at times because I frankly didn't know what else to say. This album is simple, it isn't very long and the songs are pretty good. I'm sure you will like it.

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