Monday, June 13, 2011

Music I've been meaning to buy, but I checked out at the Library Series Part Three:Ra Ra Riot - The Rhumb Line

Like the other CD's in this series, I've heard some songs by the artist here and there, but I haven't had the time (or I never remember) to buy them. No, I'm not cutting the artist short or anything, I'm going to buy all of the albums in this series hopefully on vinyl because I've already have the CD.

I haven't really heard too much from Ra Ra Riot but I've heard one song that stood out, but I forgot the name like always. I heard that this is a pretty good album, but I'm pretty skeptical because I'm not really into rock bands that use Cello or Violin in their songs. That is pretty cool because that makes them different, but at the same time, I don't think that I will enjoy it that much.

As always, I haven't heard this whole album, so you can ensure that I'm giving you a "clean" review.

Track - By - Track Analysis

Ghosts Under Rocks
First track on the album. My first thought "Oh, this isn't too bad at all". But I'm getting that Coldplay vibe from this; that isn't too good. Hopefully, Riot will sound differently when the album progresses. I like this though! I can't exactly put my finger on why I like it, but its refreshing, I don't say that albums are refreshing that often! So this is a good sign.

Each Year
Oh, this has a good opening. I like what they are doing with their song structure, it is light thanks to the Violin and Cello, but it is "rockish" because of that Guitar and Bass. You can hate me for saying this, but when I'm listening to this song, I can almost taste the Sleater-Kinney influence. (alright fine, I'll stop with that)

St. Peter's Day Festival

Well, it looks like they slowed things down this time. The melody really stands out on this one. My only question is what is a St. Peter's Day? It probably plays some role in this song, but I don't think that you have to know what that is to understand this song. (Does this sound like the Smiths to you?)

Winter '05

Sounds like another slow song. Its about Winter though, so it probably has to be slow (to be precise, is has to do with the Winter of '05). I think that this is pretty good. Although the lyrics are pretty much the same throughout the song, it still has a good flavor.

Dying is Fine

Looks like they speed up the tempo again on this one. We here some pretty good Guitar/Drumwork on this one, and that is nice. They slow down halfway through and that is refreshing.

Can You Tell

The Violin/Cello stand out on this one; you can really hear it in the opening part of the song. I felt like this one was a little bit too short, I felt like it could have been longer.

Too Too Too Fast
This is most likely the Riot song that I heard earlier. I liked it, but I remember thinking: "Why do I like this? This band has a Violin! What the heck! Why?" but hearing this album, I understand." I must say that this is a pretty good breakdown. Thanks Violin. Oh, those Backing Vocals are Ace too. Thanks 2nd vocalist.
This is a great song.

Oh, La
Things slowed down again. I'm happy that they did because that other song was almost too too too fast. (last joke I promise.) I fell like the lyrics aren't really "in depth" on this song, but that is alright because that last song was almost a monster effort.

Suspended In Gaffa
Riot did a Kate Bush Cover! Nice. I like Kate Bush! I enjoyed Riot's cover and its up there on that "best cover songs list" in my head. This is basically the same as the Bush song, except it is a little bit faster and it has a better sound. Go listen to this, I think it explains everything.

Run My Mouth

I thought that this would be slow, but I was wrong again, things speed up after a quick intro. Although they slowed things down a little again, they ended the album strong and I like that.

I like this album. I'm putting this in the "Albums I thought that I wouldn't like, but I do like" category. Very nice. I know I'm a little too late to the party, but don't blame me for all of these new releases. Overall, this album is influenced by baroque pop, notably English, and I don't think I'd be wrong if I said American Indie Rock.Don't listen to my music bias, this is a great album. Go listen to it. I feel like it is better that their newest album for some reason (Sophomore slump anyone?). I highly recommend this. Go check it out from your library like I did! Even better, go buy it.

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