Friday, March 18, 2011

The Fruitful Return of The Friday Five!

Happy Friday everyone! I've had a hectic last couple of weeks but I promised myself that I would get this Friday Five out on time. So here it is, The Fruitful return with extra videos! I even added some new artists this week, so enjoy!

Sugarcubes - Hit. Hey look, Its Bjork! I love this video.

Minutemen - Do You Want New Wave? Or Do You Want The Truth?

Black Randy and the Metrosquad - I slept in an arcade. How can you not like this band?

Sonic Youth - Rain on Tin. I'm slightly obsessed with this song. Its so mellow, and it just goes into this awesome noise break guitar goodness. It is just prefect. (I'm really liking Kim's SG bass right now)

Shonen Knife - Brown Mushrooms. This is such a fun music video. All of Shonen Knife's videos are fun, but I really enjoy this one.

Alright, I had to throw in the Wild Flag Video. Come on! KEXP Filmed it at South By Southwest! Its (almost) band new! This is probably the best live footage I seen this year. I'm pretty stoked about Wild Flag right now (I have been for the past while really).
(might just be me, but does this sound like Sonic Youth mixed with something else to you?)

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