Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Five: PJ Harvey B-sides.

Ok, I wrote this ahead of time because I'm on "academic vacation"  and I have no internet. This weeks Friday 5 is from one of my favorite artists, PJ Harvey. If you haven't listened to any of her stuff already, I highly encourage you to listen to her. PJ's stuff will blow your mind  and thats a good thing. I didn't want to just post some of her better known stuff because I wanted to expose you all to some "underground" stuff, so I went with her fabulous b-sides instead. Now, PJ hasn't "really' released her b-sides, but thanks to the wonderful internet, and some networking from some friends I have a good amount of PJ Harvey B-sides. To be honest, I haven't even heard all of her b-sides. Coming from this music fan, that's just crazy! I heard that she has b sides for just about every song that she recorded and that is just crazy awesome. Youtube has most of the B-sides that I favorites gone... so thank them and UMG  for taking all of the good unheard music form society. I really can't sum all of PJ's b-sides into 5 videos, so just contact me if you want to know more.  I hope you enjoy these songs/videos.

PJ Harvey - Driving

PJ Harvey - The Phone Song

PJ Harvey - Somebody's down, somebody's name

PJ Harvey - As Close As This

PJ Harvey - Kick It To The Ground

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