Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Five! Finally Back!

Happy Friday! Its kind of strange to be doing the Friday Five again, but I think I took a long enough vacation! I have some awesome stuff planed for you all so keep checking back soon! (*Wild Flag review Cough Cough*)

EMA - Butterfly Knife. This was filmed in Portland.

Pictureplane - Post Physical. I have to rep Denver. I just have to.

The Pretenders - The Adulteress. These next 3 videos are from the Fridays show that used to come on. I'll spare you the bad Andy Kaufman intro ok? (watch the bands reaction)

The Pretenders - Message Of Love. Go away Andy Kaufman!

The Pretenders - Louie, Louie. Looks like Andy finally left. (yes!)

CSS - Lets Make Love and Listen to death From Above. This is a pretty good video. (Does this sound like Tom Tom club to you? Or is that just me again?)

Extra! CSS - Move. Yes! I can't wait for the CSS concert!

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